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ASP.NET Developer

  • ID: 20093
  • Posted: 3/24/2023
  • Location: Mumbai,
  • Category: Microsoft Technologies
  • Job Type: Permanent


Well versed with programming language(s) /frameworks with ability to interpret software development documents and estimate for the development. 
* Should possess good technical expertise on Microsoft .Net platform. 
* Should be able to understand and interpret software requirement documents and estimate time required for developing a particular project/task. 
* Able to lead a team of coders to make them understand developments from the requirement document. 
* Continuous learning and being updated in his/ her technical area of expertise. 
* As a Sr. Software Developer, should be always ready for technical changes with positive attitude, suggesting optimized way of working that may save on development or delivery time. 
Job Requirements

Technical Know-how 
* Knowledge of windows architecture like windows registry, windows file system (folder system), windows application installers and installation creations etc. 
* .Net Framework 4+ (With superb experience on C# / VB.Net), .Net Core 
* Windows Forms (MDI, Input Controls, Grid Control, Form Life Cycle, Windows architecture, windows files, and folders) 
* Web (ASP.Net) 
o Form life cycle, various events. 
o Form Components: Input controls, List controls, Grid, Repeater, 
o State Management: Session States, View States, Local Storage, Query Strings, Cookies 
o Database connectivity, retrieval, update, delete, insert. 
o WebServices / WebAPI's (REST Api's) 
* Web 
o Strong knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, 
o Javascript expertism must have for any experienced web developer. 
o Frontend frameworks like Angular or React is must. 
o CSS framework like Bootstrap (There are many others like Bootstrap) 
o Knowledge of responsive applications (Mobile friendly design) 
* Database (SQL Server) 
o Database design (Create database / create tables / Manage constraints PK, FK, Check. 
o Database design normalization process / denormalization knowledge. 
o Queries / Advance queries / Views (Select / Insert / Update / Delete / Truncate) 
o Stored procedures, functions, Internal System Functions 
o Date & Time Management columns and internal system functions 
* Application Management o Version Control: VSS, TFS, GitHub 
o Publishing: ClickOnce, IIS 
o Defect Management System: MantisHub / Jira / Backlog 
* Minimum 3 years of hands-on experience 

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