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Python Developer

  • ID: 17518
  • Posted: 1/7/2021
  • Location: Indore, MH
  • Category: Product Development
  • Job Type: Permanent


• Sound understanding and knowledge of Python and its ecosystem libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Dask, sqlAlchemy along with built in modules.
• Be able to write modular code and understand the python packaging and distribution system.
• Have decent understanding of Python Data Structures, Object-Oriented Programming concepts along with functional programming in Python.
• Write ad-hoc scripts for automation of tasks.
• Follow Test driven development approach using pytest(preferred).
• Build code documentation using sphinx and help business analysts in building process flow documentation
• Experience on web crawling, scraping (Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Selenium)
• Exposure to Data-Science and Data Analysis libraries in python. For example, sklearn, pandas, numpy, scipy.
• Exposure to distributed data processing frameworks in python like Dask(preferrable), Pyspark
Job Requirements

• Knowledge of web application development using Django/Flask Framework.
• Knowledge & experience of programming in ANSI-SQL(Snowflake) and stored procedures (JavaScript based).
• Knowledge of reporting tools like - Tableau.
• Knowledge of python based ETL tools and frameworks would be a plus.

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