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System Administrator - Linux/DevOps

  • ID: 17209
  • Posted: 10/12/2020
  • Location: Bangalore,
  • Category: Infrastructure Services Management
  • Job Type: Permanent


  • Improve system installation, configuration and decommissioning procedures using Infrastructure as Code; contribute to and maintain system standards; create and maintain documentation
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of Linux and Windows systems in code: installation, configuration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and retirement/disposal
  • Build, deploy and support products in AWS using CloudFormation and Python
Job Requirements

Skill set required:
  • A minimum of 5-8 years information technology experience in the following is required
  • Managing Linux and Windows systems
  • Automation and provisioning using Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Python, Bash, PowerShell, Packer, etc
  • Agile software development tools and methodologies (CI/CD, GIT, Jenkins, Artifactory)
  • Scripting or programming background is required (Python or PowerShell preferred)

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