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Sr. Executive Ad Ops Sales Support

  • ID: 17133
  • Posted: 8/27/2020
  • Location: Bangalore, KA
  • Category: sales/Marketing
  • Job Type: Permanent


1. Booking the campaigns in Operative Tool and Trafficking them in DFP post QC.
2. Monitoring campaigns closely and optimizing the campaign performance.
3. Manage day-to-day programmatic operations.
4. Maximize programmatic revenue through yield analysis and optimization.
5. Collaborate across departments to continuously A/B test and analyze new ways to drive programmatic revenue.
6. Testing new ad formats across ESPN sites and apps.
7. Troubleshoot product implementation with the tech team and recommend ways to improve the ad placement, demand, and ultimately yield.
8. Good knowledge and experience in using multiple SSPs and Waterfall ad stack implementation.
Job Requirements

1. Intimate knowledge of Operative Tool, DFP and other third-party ad serving platforms.
2. Good understanding of Programmatic sales approach
3. Strong experience in planning, trafficking, executing, and optimizing direct and programmatic inventory.
4. Basic knowledge of Google Analytics, ComScore  and Google Tag Manager (or other Tag management  platforms.)
5. Basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript. 
6. Familiarity and understanding of current digital advertising offerings and products.

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