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SFDC Admin

  • ID: 17018
  • Posted: 7/15/2020
  • Location: Bangalore South, KA
  • Category: ERP
  • Job Type: Permanent


  • The Salesforce Admin tasks range from helping users, develop and manage reports, pushing adoption, and manage data quality.

  • General admin tasks such as unlocking user accounts, dealing with SSO, two-factor authentication and certificate problems and adding new white listed IP addresses. Helping users develop or fine-tune reports

  • Troubleshooting email campaigns, workflows, approval cycles, or autoresponders

  • Expanding or refining sharing rules and access privileges so records can be properly viewed and manipulated (while keeping the “special records” locked or hidden altogether)

  • Fixing data records that have somehow been set with record types or ownerships that make them inaccessible to users

  • Run and store the weekly snapshot (data export) of the system data and attachments, including all history tables.  Keep the snapshots for at least 90 days 

  • Run data deduplication processes

  • Run adoption and data-quality dashboards and provide remedial solutions

  • Import leads and contacts

  • Update price lists as necessary.

  • Change delegation and escalation paths in workflows and approval cycles to account for absences or extended travel.

  • Maintenance of the salesforce system including running APEX tests.

  • Manage the archive of data  

  • Provide advice and support on processes for sales

Job Requirements


  • 2 years’ experience in a Salesforce Administrative role

  • Relevant Salesforce Administrative qualification

  • Be your own CEO – Ability to make decisions

  • Aptitude for Salesforce and data as well as a desire to help people

  • Willingness to get into the day to day of a sales operation’s teams’ tasks


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