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Sr. Executive CA Treasury

  • ID: 17015
  • Posted: 7/14/2020
  • Location: Bangalore South,
  • Category: Finance and Accounts
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Duration: Permanent


  1. Responsible for Banking relations.
  2. Foreign exchange inflows, outflows & hedging
  3. Maintain MTM & hedge documentation
  4. Funding & Liquidity Management
  5. Managing Working capital & renewals, Exposures to bank guarantee, Letter of Credits, discounting of bills, preparation of CMA data, fund flow statements and other reports required by banks.
  6. Investment management
  7. Exposure to IFRS, in particular dealing with Financial Instruments
  8. Preparing Past performance, contracted exposure statements & various reports required by the banks time to time.
  9. Reports to management on the performance of key treasury activities
Job Requirements


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