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Technical Lead - RTL SOC

  • ID: 16750
  • Posted: 4/15/2020
  • Location: Bangalore, MN
  • Category: Embedded Systems
  • Job Type: Permanent


1. Understand customer’s requirements /specifications /tender enquiry. Define DSP, System and Board architecture.
2. Project ownership from concept to delivery. This includes identifying risks, dependencies, creating mitigation plan, tracking project schedule, discussions with customers, design reviews.
3. Partition the algorithms for implementing in FPGA and/or in SW. Identify the building blocks & Signal Processing functions.
4. Provide estimates on FPGA resources, computation bandwidth, and memory bandwidth.
5. Create module level details from architecture, coding, simulation and perform peer reviews. Apply the methodologies for design, verification or validation.
6. Define, create and maintain all project related documentation, especially design documents with detailed analysis reports.
7. Supervise and Mentor at least 4 Engineers and their appraisal.
8. Provide support to customer during integration phases at test sites and support to production teams.
Job Requirements

1. Technical leadership in implementing DSP algorithms in FPGA environment for Radar and Electronic Warfare systems. 
2. Interact with SW and HW teams to define the architecture/system partioning and lead a team of FPGA engineers to deliver the solutions.
3. Proficient in VHDL & Xilinx FPGAs.
4. FPGA development flow: micro-architecting, RTL coding, Synthesis & implementation flow, verification and validation.
5. Modeling the algorithms in Octave/MATLAB, generating test vectors, visualizing data.
6. Converting floating point modules to FPGA friendly fixed point modules.
7. Familiarity with DSP Xilinx IP cores and customization options : FFT, FIR, DDC, NCO etc.,
8. Working knowledge on interfacing with ADCs and DACs and interpreting their performance.
9. Transferring data from FPGA over sRIO, PCIe, Ethernet and other protocols.
10. Fluency, good communication & presentation skills.
11. Configuration/Version control tools like SVN.
12. Basic skills on project management and tools like MSS MPP. 

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